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UR Day Nine . . .

So, I’m almost in the double digits of the Ultimate Reset! Almost half way there. I’ve decided that I will blog the day after I complete a day in the UR because it seems easier that way. Then, on day 22, I’ll be able to post my final progression photo of the UR.

Breakfast was pretty simple – 3c fruit, again, lol. But, the fruit tastes SO good. I’m really digging it. Yesterday I had honeydew melon, strawberries, blueberries and black berries. I meal prepped and put it all together a few days ago and all of the flavors together taste really, really good!

I was able to do my yoga and stay on par with meals and actually was able to eat dinner by 7:30. SO much better than eating at 9-10pm. I’m still having trouble falling asleep, but sleeping really soundly. Usually the smallest little thing used to wake me up. I don’t know if that’s because I’m just exhausted or if that’s because my sleep patterns are changing. At any rate, I’m really digging it because my fibromyalgia could really use a few good days of sleep.

I’ve been drinking distilled water like it’s going out of style. I think I’m down 14 gallons in 10 days. It’s pretty crazy. I’ve always been a really big water drinker, but for some reason, I’ve gotten a lot more thirsty during the UR than I ever have been – even while breastfeeding. I’m going to guess it’s got to do with the detox.

When starting phase two, a new packet of loveliness was introduced that I need to partake in 3x a day. I was VERY nervous at first because the greens taste so horrible (they’re growing on me, though. They’re still not good, but, I don’t gag anymore, so, winning!), but I was really pleasantly surprised at the taste. The texture is a bit wonky, but, it kind of tastes like how sweet tea smells to me. I don’t drink tea (except green tea, very seldom I might add, and it has to be SUPER ice cold), but I didn’t have to choke it down, shoot it down, plug my nose, so, that’s good šŸ˜‰

The amount of food in each meal still seems pretty large. Yesterday, when I was eating my lunch, it was really hard to finish it all. I did, and was happy I did, but, it’s A LOT of food. It’s been great, though, that the meals taste delicious and it helps me to be able to finish it. I usually eat pretty quickly, but since starting the UR, I kind of HAVE to eat slow or else I’ll get sick. Being mindful and in the moment is important. It’s helping me listen to my hunger and full cues and it’s helping me look at food a bit differently.

This morning I woke up and I am starting to see subtle difference in my clothes and the way I look in the mirror. I still have a long way to go, and it’s kind of nerving to me that I worked so hard on CDF before doing the UR. I don’t want the muscles I worked so hard for to get soft from not using them nearly as much as I have been since September. I love the feeling of accomplishment. And, it’s only been a few months, but I’ve accomplished a lot and couldn’t be happier.

I had two new meals and they were both delicious. One was black bean quinoa pilaf (the recipe called for lentils, but I don’t like them at all). It had carrots, celery, onion, red pepper, spices and seasonings, quinoa and black beans. It was very hearty and tasted really good. I wasn’t sure how it would be, and because I ate SO much quinoa in the first phase, I was kind of over it, BUT, for the first time I cooked the quinoa correctly and it was light and fluffy – not burnt and crunchy like I’ve always done with it. The veggies listed out at first sounded bizarre, but it really does work. This will be a quick simple meal I can make post-UR and meal prep with. That’s another reason I love the UR, most of the recipes I’m noticing, I can tweak to be able to fit it into my containers for afterwards. I’ll have to add meat to some of the meals, but other than that, a lot of these recipes I’ll be using afterwards. I mentioned before, when I started the UR, I had 6 weeks and 6 days until my 29th birthday. The UR recommends that after you finish the program, for the next 3 weeks to reintroduce the foods you used to eat really slowly. So, this gives me another three weeks after I’m done, to continue to make this a natural habit and part of my routine.

The other new meal was also for lunch: cucumber and tomato salad (with avocado added). At first I was nervous to make it because it had a few different vinegars among other things for the marinade, and I’m NOT a vinegar person. The smell alone makes me want to run away as quickly as possible (although, pickles and pickle juice… that’s my jam!). Everything mixed together and sitting in the fridge for a few days, it was actually really good. It was light and refreshing as well. And, DEFINITELY a nice change from having to eat SO MUCH SALAD.

My snack was vegan chocolate shakeology with avocado and cinnamon. I don’t see that changing any time soon. Well, until post UR. I can’t wait to have my almond butter, banana and chocolate!!!!

Dinner was sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque with 2c steamed broccoli. I wish I could have had more broccoli. All I did was add water, microwave for 3 minutes and it came out PERFECT. Not too mushy, not too hard, and tasted DELICIOUS. I’m loving the bisque as well. I made four batches of it and I’m happy I did.

So, all in all, I’m having a good time. I woke up this morning feeling terrible. But, I took a VERY, VERY hot shower (which is abnormal for me, I usually take cold showers), and it seemed to help my muscles out a little bit. I don’t know if it’s from the yoga and stretching muscles, the detox, etc., but I’m extremely sore. It doesn’t make it any better my husband worked 24 hours yesterday. He left around 6:30am Thursday and I still haven’t seen him. I can’t really sleep well when he works at night because I’m a big baby, and I stayed up later than I should have, and slept in a weird position so my neck is really, really feeling terrible today. But, the shower helped a little and I’m able to be a functional human – well – kinda.


(For some reason, my laptop won’t let me upload pictures to this post, so maybe tomorrow I can edit it to show the meals I ate!)

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UR Day Two . . .

So, yesterday was a day, y’all, a day. My older kiddos had an early release from school yesterday (after being off for two weeks – and has today off and Monday off as well. OH BOY! I love them…but, if you’re a mom you’ll understand it) and I always park and walk to pick them up. It started back when my youngest was an infant and she hated the car. She hated it. Screamed bloody murder – for hours. It was terrible. At my kid’s school (and I’m sure it’s like this everywhere), if you don’t get there at least 45 minutes early, you’re sitting in a LONG line, waiting to get your child. When you have an infant screaming, it feels like forever. So, I found a parking lot to park and pop the kid in my Tula and off we go. She loves being worn, I love the exercise, so it was a win-win.


Khloe in her new Tula I got for Christmas šŸ™‚ Last photo before my phone got murdered.

I just got a replacement phone for the new phone I bought on December 21. On NYE, I dropped it on its corner and it shattered. I got a new one on January 7th, and got a case for it. All’s good, right? Nope. I went to buckle my youngest in her car seat after picking the kids up from school and left my phone on the roof of my car. And I didn’t realize I had done this until I got home and went to look for my phone, and my heart sank. I knew exactly what I had done. I packed all three kids up and back to their school I went. It was in the road, (it looked like that’s where it landed when it fell off), upside down. It looked intact, and I was SO hopeful. Then, my hopes and dreams crashed pretty hard. It must have been ran over, or I don’t really know what, but it’s toast. The Apple Store doesn’t have an appointment until THURSDAY. Which, really stinks when you have three kids. I’ll be calling Best Buy to see if maybe they can’t do something a little quicker than that. If not, it is what it is. I still have my old phone when I upgraded to my new one, and while that screen is shattered, too (not my fault! The two year old’s fault that time), I can still take photos and do my UR journey. It’ll be a little more wonky, and no selfies (I know, so disappointing, ha), but, it’ll get done! And, I re-downloaded my Beach Body Challenge tracker app on my old phone, so I can still participate in that and win some of that cash from the pot!

The entire reason for the first part of the post, is to explain why I didn’t blog my day two of the UR yesterday – but here it is!!

I don’t have a photo of my breakfast (but will be having it tomorrow, so, I’ll get a photo then) because that was one of the last pictures I took before it bit the dust – but I had 3/4c non-fat plain yogurt and 3 cups (yes, three. cups.) of fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries and kiwi). It was really tasty. I’ve never been a morning person and I usually do my vegan chocolate Shakeology with a banana and 2 tsp of almond butter, but, during the UR none of that – which is a nice change because this way I can have more options. It kept me pretty full.

After having my supplements, I waited a bit and had lunch. Today was quinoa salad and a microgreen salad with a homemade (UR approved) creamy garlic dressing. Oh. My. VEGETABLES. The microgreen salad has a TON in it. Like, A TON. Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, cilantro, carrots, red pepper….It was REALLY good with the dressing, though. I’ll definitely have to make that a staple as far as dressings go. I’m also really digging the quinoa salad. It’s really delicious. With the liquid aminos I add to it, it makes it a little salty and tastes kind of like soy-sauce and with the cucumber, avocado and tomato, it goes really well together! I never thought I’d want to have quinoa on a regular basis, but the past few days, especially with it cold, have been delicious!


There is A LOT of food here. I felt like the bionic rabbit. Nom nom.

I had to have my lovely power greens afterwards, which were….still interesting. That’s honestly been the ‘worst’ part of the UR (so far). It just seriously tastes like dirt and looks like tar, lol. It’s full of amazing things for you, and great benefits, so I think about that as I chug away. They get easier (some say), so, I’m hoping for that! But again, if that’s the worst part about this experience, I’ll take it!

For my snack, I had Shakeology! I did a new recipe because the flaxseed/blueberry version of my shake just wasn’t a hit for me. I did vegan Chocolate Shakeology and 1 1/2tsp EVCO. It was SO good. It was like an almond joy. It was great! The only complaint…I didn’t melt the EVCO before adding it to my shake, so it looked really gross, haha.


Half a scoop of Vegan Chocolate Shakeology and 1 1/2tsp EVCO. Like I said, it looked really gross, but tasted soooo good!

I had my supplements and whatnot, waited a little bit, then I got to try a new dinner. This was SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD! I’ll definitely be making this again. I made roasted root medley and had a side of zucchini cashew soup. I made a few batches of the soup as part of my meal prep and wanted to try it so badly when I made it, but I was good and waited until yesterday. It was so creamy and delicious. I LOVE soup, but HATE how full it makes you feel afterwards (I’m still working on feeling full and sitting with that feeling and not being anxious), and this soup didn’t make me feel like that at all. I added chopped green onion to my soup (as well as the medley) and did half a tablespoon of my homemade pico I made the night before for the southwestern veggie taco. My husband tried both dishes and he liked them as well. So, winning! I was really hesitant at first to try new foods and do different things because once I find something I like, I eat it until I get sick of it, haha. So, a change of scenery is great.


Left: root medley – carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow onion with green onion on top – baked for about 50 minutes. DELICIOUS! Right: zucchini cashew soup – made with the obvious. It really was a delicious dinner!

So, for day two, all and all, I’d call it a success. I’ve been dealing with some overall soreness, and I’m a lot more tired than I normally am, but this is all part of the detoxing process. Getting away from harsh things in foods and jump-starting a healthier body. Also, I have a pretty bad headache I’ve had for a little bit, and I attribute that to the bountiful amounts of sugar I consume with Double Bubble gum and wine. Plus, the lack of coffee isn’t helping, either. I am committed though, and know that this is temporary for an awesome result. I feel like junk because I haven’t been fueling my body with what it really needs.



3 Day Refresh . . .


Getting my Beach Body 3 Day Refresh program, big bag of vegan chocolate Shakeology and my 21 Day Fix program in the mail

I started hearing about BeachBody in a Facebook group I am in for mother’s that had the same due date as my youngest daughter. There was a mom in there that gave us a chance to try a free 5 day online group, to get a meal plan for that week, get motivation and encouragement, learn five new exercises for the week you can incorporateĀ into your everyday life or add to an existing workout program. I followed, albeit loosely, for a few months, but not really thinking *I* could do it.

My husband bought me a Fitbit in March of this year, for our anniversary. I had wanted one for a while, to motivate myself to start exercising more than I had been – which, quite honestly, wasn’t very much. I have fibromyalgia, and a lot of the time, the flares hurt too much to do intense working out. I started out small, walking about two or three miles a day, with my daughter, Khloe, on my back in her Tula baby carrier. After a few weeks, I got up to four miles, and before I knew it, I was walking six, eight, even 10 miles daily – and it felt great! Living in south Florida, however, in the summer, is a bad time to do a 10 mile walk during the afternoon. So, I found another solution – finding YouTube videos to do my miles indoors, WHILE incorporating cardio and strength training. I found two channels that really worked well for my fibromyalgia, and it helped me raise up my endurance to be able to start to do harder work outs.

As I stated in my introduction, I have suffered from anorexia purge type since I was about five years old. I have been to several residential treatment centers, hospitals, inpatient therapy, outpatient therapy. I’ve seen many therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists,Ā nutritionists, the list goes on and on. I’ve struggled to maintain my recovery since 2007. Nearly nine years later, and I still have days where I purge. I still have days where I restrict until very late at night, because I don’t want to “mess up my clean day” with food. This is the first time I am actually admitting it, out in the open. It’s not something I am proud of. It’s not something I want to admit, but, there it is. Since I have been exercising too much, and eating way too little, at too late in the evening (nearly 10pm), I have ended up gaining weight, and not getting the results that I would assume you’d get by not eating much and exercising too much. I would wake up in the morning and weigh myself, and get so discouraged. Why was I exercising and not eating a lot, and STILL gaining weight? Why couldn’t I just eat like a “normal” person and lose weight and get fit? That’s where BeachBody and Shakeology come into play.

I knew I needed a new plan. A new way to HEALTHILY lose weight and remain where I wanted, without obsessing and feeding into my OCD tendencies when it comes to food, calories and exercise. I started out trying a sample pack of the vegan Shakeology – two packets of the tropical strawberry and two packets of chocolate. I didn’t know what to expect at first. The taste was surprisingly really delicious. To be honest, at first, I didn’t really know if I should “give in” or “believe” all of the hype about Shakeology or BeachBody in general. A lot of people think it’s a scam or a pyramid scheme. I don’t see it that way. All of the women (I haven’t met any men that do BB, but there are tons out there) I have met, are nothing but encouraging, motivating, wonderful people. They believe in their products and it’s hard not to. The results are in front of your face. When I tried the sample pack, those four days were great; I didn’t need coffee, I didn’t feel sluggish and I didn’t get a migraine from not drinking coffee. My energy level was great, and I was able to get more exercises in. The best part for me, was that I was actually eating more than once a day, and DURING the day! That was a big feat for me. I am always putting myself on the back burner, as most moms do. When you have multiple kids, a husband and a few crazy animals, you tend to get everything done for everyone else, and *if* you have time, you get some ‘you’ time. I needed to start making myself a priority. I needed to fill up my tank before constantly filling others and leaving mine empty. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, plain and simple.

**the above picture is my day 1 of the 3 Day Refresh – my Shakeology wasn’t pictured here; I drank it too quick, ha!**
I chose the 3 Day Refresh as a start to getting healthy. Essentially, it is 3 days of a Shakeology shake in the morning with fruit and water (my favorite combo so far is 1/2 a medium banana, a ton of ice, 10oz of ice cold water and the chocolate Shakeology. I blend it in my Ninja and it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake – and I’m not even a chocolate person and it’s delicious!), a fiber sweep drink in the late morning to help clean out your system, lunch is a fruit, a veggie and a Vanilla Refresh shake (I usually blend up my fruit in the shake as well, to make it a little thicker like a milkshake and I always add ice). Afternoon snack is a veggie with a healthy fat and then supper, they have a few recipes you can choose from and you also have a Vanilla Refresh shake. I don’t feel hungry or dizzy or crazy – I don’t feel like I am starving. I feel like I am rebooting my system, to start my journey to make my body healthy for the first time, EVER. The portions are exactly right, for me, where I don’t feel too full. I want to get the hunger and full cues in my life back; I honestly don’t think I have ever been able to listen to them.

**Day 2 of my 3 Day Refresh**

Above, I had my chocolate Shakeology for breakfast, my fiber sweep drink (that isn’t pictured above), a Vanilla Refresh shake with 6 strawberries blended in, 6 strawberries on the side, 1 cup of cucumbers, and 2 tablespoons of my homemade hummus (*recipe for hummus will be down below). For my afternoon snack, I satueed 2 cups of spinach with fresh chopped garlic, lemon, cracked pepper and 1tsp of EVOO. It was delicious! And for supper, I had a Vanilla Refresh shake and I used their veggie medley recipe that was pretty fantastic. Again, I didn’t feel full and didn’t feel like I was starving. I was able to eat every few hours, something I NEVER do, and it felt great!

I am on my last day of the 3 Day Refresh, and I can honestly say I woke up HUNGRY and ready to drink my Shakeo and half a banana mixed in with cold cold water and lots of ice! I was EXCITED that I felt hungry — I haven’t felt hungry in the morning for anything in YEARS. Most of that was mental, I am sure, but I’ve honestly never been a morning eater simply because I eat so late at night. I will admit, I like the feeling of being hungry, so the feeling doesn’t bother me. But now, NOW, I have a reason to eat – I AM going to get healthy and I AM going to be a healthy mother to my kids, and a healthy person in my mind, as well as my body. I woke up last week, on a Wednesday, and new, today was the day. I am DONE being sick and tired. I have a lot of people backing me up and a lot that are proud of me. That means the world to me. So, while I have people cheering me on, I am wanting to cheer on others around me, no matter what journey they’re taking. I am not here to sell this product, because if you know me, you know I am terrible at that (VS credit cards, anyone?), I am simply believing in this product, because it is helping me to believe in myself.

**Day 3 of the 3 day refresh**

So, I just completed my third and final day of the 3 day refresh. I have to say, it was quite easy to follow the meal plan. My body feels pretty amazing! I feel light, not bogged down with sluggy nastiness. I have lost a few pounds as well. I know it isn’t “real” weight per say, but, my body definitely needed a few days to detox and eat the way the 3 day refresh plan is set up. It got rid of the toxins in my body that its been holding on to for so long. I am really pleased with my results doing the 3 day refresh. I definitely recommend it to those that want to get a jump-start to their path to getting healthy.

I used the 3 day refresh because tomorrow, I start the meal plan portion of the 21 day fix. I have been doing the 21 day fix exercise program for the three days I did the 3 day refresh, so I am really anxious and excited to get started on the meal program.