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The Ultimate Reset is D.O.N.E!!!! . . .

So, you guys, I DID IT! I DID IT! I completed the Ultimate Reset with absolutely NO cheats. No coffee, no wine, I followed the plan to a T. And GUESS WHAT?! It worked! Was it hard? HELL YES. Was it worth it? I can’t even begin to describe how worth it was!


My first coffee in almost a month! It was DELICIOUS and I feel like I can fly to the moon!!!!

As most of you know, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder for a very, very long time. My entire life has always revolved around food – in a negative light. As a way to deal with my feelings, emotions and my life. When something was hard, I turned to food – but not consuming it – I would starve myself and punish myself for things going wrong in my life. I have never learned how to deal with life without using food as a crutch. As young as five, I was comparing myself to others, wondering why they were happy and I wasn’t. Obviously at five, it wasn’t about weight loss, but it was about control. And at five, my parents were none the wiser because it was “typical” for a kid to be “picky” with their food. So, it became a habit of mine to refuse food as a way of comfort and control over something in my life.

Being in and out of treatment centers and hospitals during my childhood, teen years and young adult life really took away so many years of my life. I have so many regrets. A main regret in my life is not getting my act together before my father died. I look back and think about all of the months and years I was away from my dad because of my eating disorder. I’ll never get those years or months back. I left AMA from my last treatment center because my dad was diagnosed with cancer. We didn’t know what was wrong with him for over a year, and a week after I got home from Avalon Hills, he got his diagnosis. Two days after that, a very, very dear friend of mine passed away at 17. It was a very, very hard home-coming. I resorted back to my eating disorder to deal with the pain, anxiety and overwhelming emotions that came with all of this news so suddenly. My daddy, the strongest man I had ever known, had cancer. A rare type of cancer. He fought for so long and never gave up. He was my rock. I’m not a very emotional person, and I don’t open up to people hardly ever, but this man was someone I could talk to and not feel judged. I felt nothing but love and acceptance, and in the blink of an eye, he was gone. He never got to meet my first daughter, Ryleigh, because he passed away exactly a month before she was born. He got to spend 15 months with my first born, Daniel, and made so many wonderful memories. He never got to meet my last daughter, Khloe. My kids will never have their kick-ass, metal music loving, head-banging grandpa. My husband will never get to meet the man that taught me how true love should feel. I keep him in my daily life by talking about him, by bringing him up when an Iron Maiden song comes on, by teaching my youngest how to head-bang (just like my daddy did when I was a little girl – he never wanted me to cut my hair, so I could head-bang for him, because he never could grow out his 80’s hair metal long hair like he always wanted t0). It’s been a little over eight years since my dad died. You’re not supposed to bury your parent when you’re 20 years old. I had so much left to show him. I had so many things to tell him. I had grandbabies for him to love on and see how good of a mom I am. I’m not religious or spiritual at all, but I know he’s around. Little things like looking at a clock and seeing ‘8:08’ (he passed on 8/8/08 – I was born on 2/28/88 at 8:58; 8 is kind of my number), or thinking of him and when I turn the car on, “Run To the Hills” is already playing, I always say, “hey dad, love you too.”
I’m explaining this, because during the Ultimate Reset, it taught me a lot. It taught me that I spent so many years of my life trying to “make up” for everything I did in my past. That may sound crazy to some, but it makes sense to me. During the UR, it’s not just a detox from harmful toxins and chemicals that are in our drinking water, in our food choices, etc. It’s also a detox from hurtful emotions, learning about how your body really works, choosing to make good eating decisions, and not giving up on yourself. There were times where I just wanted a damn cup of coffee. Or a yummy piece of Double Bubble bubblegum. OR A PIECE OF STEAK. But I refrained, because I wanted to let myself know that I am strong enough. I have the will-power to choose not to put unhealthy things in my body. But it’s a DIFFERENT will-power than before with anorexia. THAT’S the biggest change. I have will-power, but it’s not being used NEGATIVELY. I’m not depriving myself of healthy food. I’m not looking at an apple the same way as a candy bar. And that. is. HUGE. for me. I made a promise to my dad when he was in the hospital for the last time, when they told us she had maybe 3 months to live (he made it 6 weeks). I went to visit him and we talked for hours. I was pregnant with Ryleigh at the time, and he told me, “Kris, I wish you could see how beautiful you really are. You’re the most beautiful woman I know. I wish you saw the value in yourself.” I have never seen my father cry. He told me once, when I was at my first residential treatment center  (Renfrew), that after he and my mom dropped me off there, he went in the shower, sat down and cried because he felt so powerless. He couldn’t help his little girl. I promised him right then and there, that I would try my hardest to learn to love myself and be proud of myself. I promised him I’d find a way to love myself and take care of myself. Having that alone time with him, that one on one time, despite being in the hospital, was something that needed to happen in my life. It was like my good-bye to him. He passed away 4 days after my parents 24th wedding anniversary, after re-proposing to my mom (to a sweet Judas Priest song – just like my dad to bring include a kick-ass band) at the beach for our last family vacation ever. He passed away 8 hours away from me. I remember my mom calling me and telling me he was gone. I was sitting on my couch, holding my son, pregnant with my daughter, and my mom calls me and tells me he passed away. The feeling I felt right then, it never goes away. People say time heals things, that’s a load of crap. No amount of positive thinking will fix how I feel about my dad’s death. My dad was one of the best men on this Earth. He’d give you the shirt off his back regardless of knowing you or not. He was an amazing family man, that cooked and cleaned and took care of my brother and me. He worked 12-14 hours a day, never complaining. Hell, his job had to tell him to STAY HOME when he was going through chemo because he wanted to work, because he was worried about medical bills. He didn’t want my mom, brother and I to suffer. I feel like he held on so long for us. The type of cancer he had, wiped out his RBC, WBC, platelets, everything. He was running on virtually nothing, yet, he was still getting up, welcoming the day and getting things done. That’s just who he was. Always on the go. And I’m proud to say that I have that amazing quality of his; always on the go, getting shit done.

The Ultimate Reset has been an amazing, amazing journey. A lot of people kept telling me how much self-control I had to stay away from certain foods, to follow a strict diet, meal plan and prep, etc. I’ve been following a pretty strict regemin since September, so it was easy for me to just look at it that way. And, it was only for 3 weeks. I made it through going to friends houses for parties, going out to eat, etc. I believed in myself that I could do this program, and it worked. IT WORKED.


My LAST day (yesterday) of the Ultimate Reset! 

I didn’t start this program to lose weight – because losing a massive amount of weight in a short amount of time isn’t effective. It just isn’t. Losing weight is part of the process though, because you are detoxing from so many different things. You slowly take out meat, dairy and grains from your diet – three of the most irritating ingredients for your GI tract. Then, over 3 weeks, you slowly re-introduce those food items to your diet, and figure out (if) which foods you should avoid or consume less of. I wanted to do this program so I could get out of a plauteu and jump-start the next program I am going to do – 21 Day Fix EXTREME! I had finished CDF about a week before doing the Ultimate Reset, and that program took A LOT out of me. It was a TOUGH, although very rewarding, program. I knew my body needed a break and with the Ultimate Reset, doing strenuous exercising isn’t ‘allowed’, so I have been doing the 3 week yoga retreat. It was the perfect time to do this.


I weigh myself more than I probably should, and that is something that I continue to work on.

One of the toughest things for me during the UR was not being able to taste food I’ve cooked or baked for my family and other people. I hate not knowing what my food tastes like before I serve it to people. So, I had to constantly remind myself not to lick the spoon (or my fingers, lol) while making food. Another big thing was gum. I LOVE GUM (I think I’ve mentioned this a few times, hah) and I have two huge tubs, plus two big bags, next to my bed. Those sat there the ENTIRE three weeks and I didn’t even have ONE. Hell, yesterday Khloe fell asleep in the Tula while I walked to get the kiddos from school, and she never naps, so I decided to take the kids to Dunkin’ to get a donut so she could nap a little more. The guy at the counter asked if I wanted my regular coffee, and I say, “no, not today” and he looks at me like I have 4 heads. It was so easy to just say no, instead of giving in. Some people on the UR cheat and have coffee, or have a cheat meal and I just couldn’t do it. I spent a lot of money on a program that I intended to finish and not cave and give into things that I KNOW will be there AFTER the program. But, I did have a small coffee today! I rewarded myself for not caving.

I plan on following the meal plan I have been on for the next 3 weeks, with a few added things like lean meats and some grains. I think I will leave dairy out for quite a bit longer. I plan on finishing the 3 week yoga retreat (I have 6 days left of that) and then diving into the 21 DFX.


The top three across are on January 11th, when I started. The second three across are from January 18th and the third row across are from today, on day 22. 

So, now, here are my results. I lost a total of 12.2 pounds and 22.5″ all over (10″ of that was just in my hips, waist and chest alone). And I GAINED self-confidence. I’m at a place now where I don’t feel like I need to lose weight. I need to tone up and embrace the shape that I have now. I’m not focused on the number anymore, and I plan (okay, I hope, because this is hard and always has been for me) on having the scale be put away from today until March 1st. I want to focus on how I FEEL and how my clothes FIT. Not so much the number on the scale. I’m at a healthy BMI for my height and weight. I need to focus on those aspects and not the number. I AM HEALTHY. And I did it the RIGHT WAY.

If you’re thinking about doing the Ultimate Reset, or really, any Beachbody program, whether that be the 21 Day Fix, PiYo, yoga, Core De Force, or you just want to be healthier, you want to commit to something bigger than yourself – DO IT. No one says “damn, I wish I never had worked out” after completing a work out. You should be proud of yourself that you want to commit to something – and do something for yourself. You should be proud for putting yourself first. So many of us put everyone before ourselves, and we tend to get lost in life picking up after everyone. YOU deserve happiness. YOU deserve to feel good about yourself. And YOU most DEFINITELY deserve to LOVE yourself. Dude, if I can do this, YOU CAN, TOO. It’s not easy, but nothing in life is easy that is worth it. As cliche as that sounds – it’s completely true.


The top three across are from September 6, 2016, when I started my journey with Beachbody and Shakeology. The bottom three across are from today, February 1st. Almost 5 months to the day. This is from doing 3 rounds of the 21 Day Fix, 1 round of Core De Force, and the Ultimate Reset.

It’s hard to post these photos. I still have a ways to go to get more toned and more muscle, but I am putting these photos out here because they are REAL. They are ME. REAL results from REAL people doing things the HEALTHY way. I’m PROUD of how far I have come in such a short amount of time. I’ve been inspiring people to take charge of their health and learn to love themselves. THAT is why I became a coach. My whole life, I’ve been the one friend anyone could come to and talk to, and not feel judged. I’ve done way too much in my life to judge anyone. If I can help people to get motivated and STAY motivated, that’s a win for me. If I can help people love themselves and be PROUD of themselves, that’s a win.

My mind-set has changed ten-fold since starting the Ultimate Reset. People said that there would be raw emotions that just pop up out of no where and you kinda just have to embrace them. Well, today’s one of those days. And it feels damn good to be able to share with people my struggles, my successes, my failures and my progress.

I’m wearing jeans today I haven’t worn in over 6 years AND I feel comfortable in them! It’s an amazing feeling. I look in the mirror and see some definition. I look in the mirror, and most importantly, I’m learning to love what I see, every single day. That’s my motivation. That’s my self-control. There’s nothing magical about it – I’m striving to keep that promise to my daddy – to learn to love myself, do things in moderation, and never lose my sense of self-worth.


Girls Night!!!



7 Weeks after doing 21 day fix for the first time!! Jeans I couldn’t wear before are lose!

So, y’all, Tuesday was a big day for me. My girlfriends and I went out for tacos and margaritas. I hadn’t gone out to a restaurant since starting the 21 Day Fix; mainly because I wanted to reap the benefits of everything the program had to offer me. You’re allowed to have 4oz glasses of wine 3x a week if you substitute a yellow (carbohydrate) container – but I didn’t even do that – and y’all know how much I LOVE my wine!!!! I was (and still am) dedicated to seeing what I could do for my body to make it healthy and strong. That included giving up my beloved wine (just not forever!!)

About a month before starting the 21 Day Fix program, I bought these jeans (that I am wearing above). Why? I don’t know; I hadn’t bought jeans in YEARS – mainly because I hate how they confine you and, well, muffin top. I hate that you can be one size at one store and either 3x too small or big for the next store. So, leggings all the way! I bought these jeans with the intention to wear them out for a girls night (with the same awesome ladies) to a wine and paint class (and just FYI, guys – I’m REALLY good at drinking wine, but painting, not so much). However, I didn’t end up wearing them. I tried them on and looked in the mirror and thoughts came back to days where I refused to go out because I thought I was too fat for company (as odd as that may sound to some of you). I felt disgusted with myself and just didn’t want to deal with the looks (you know, the looks of, “is she REALLY wearing that?” – but they’re really not thinking that. They’re probably not thinking anything of you – the lovely ED part of your brain likes to make you think that, though). I talked to a few of my friends in a Facebook group I am in with babies the same age as my youngest – I ended up switching into some PINK! sweatpants and a long sleeve PINK! sweatshirt and decided to go out and have a good time, despite feeling horrible. I’m glad I did (even if my painting was terrible). I know my friends didn’t care what I wore or how I looked, but, eating disorders do a funny thing to your brain.

Fast foward — those jeans above, I wore them with PRIDE Tuesday night. I tried them on for the hell of it, and I am so glad that I did. I haven’t worn jeans out in public in probably a good 4 or 5 years – yeah, I’m not kidding. Leggings, long shirts and sandals are my go-to outfit. They make me feel safe and comfortable and well, with kids it’s never a wrong way to go. Anyway, it was a big deal to me and a big deal to my confidence. I didn’t join BeachBody JUST to lose weight and tone. I joined it to see if this could be something that could change my life – and it has. My husband tells me often how big of a change he sees in my personality, how I view food, how I express myself – and that means so much to me. He tells me how proud he is every day because I am doing something for ME. I always put myself on the back burner and give, give, give to my family. It needs to be that way, but, you can only give so much before you become empty. One of my goals when I joined was to be able to wear clothes and not scrutinize everything about the outfit. That either my arms look too fat to wear a tank top in public, my stomach has stretched out so much from my 3 kids to wear a two piece, my thighs are too fat for shorts, my waist is too squishy for anything with an actual waistband. While I’m not 100% there, I’m on my way there and it feels amazing.

You don’t have to deny yourself having fun with friends, going out for drinks or food while you’re working on being healthy and getting fit. I didn’t magically gain all the weight back I’ve lost, or gain back all of the inches I’ve lost because I went out one night with my girlfriends and had a good time. It’s called BALANCE. And people need more of that in their lives.


This is the outfit I ended up wearing out – a tank top (though, it had a shirt over it – BABY STEPS!), my kick-ass jeans (that were on sale at Target, no less!), my scarf, because… scarves!


7 WEEKS doing the 21 Day Fix

So, y’all, it’s been SEVEN weeks since I started doing the 21 Day Fix. I *never* thought I’d get to where I am now. I am getting back into amazing shape, the RIGHT way. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to get out of the house last Friday. A get-away to a hotel, sans kids! First time we’ve been alone since May, first time we’ve been in a hotel room since my birthday in February of 2015! I bring this up because . . . my husband can’t keep telling me how proud of me he is. I’ve never had a partner that actually loves and supports me and is my constant cheerleader throughout this entire lifestyle change. He’s proud of me because I am doing this the right way. I am eating healthy (three MEALS a day PLUS two snacks!), I am exercising in a non-obsessive form (my awesome walks and 21 day fix program!) and I am gaining something I don’t typically have – confidence. For the first time EVER in my entire life, I am starting to like what I see in the mirror. Granted, I am A LOT heavier than I was before I had my kids almost 10 years ago, I definitely didn’t have any stretch marks ANYWHERE on my body before kids (and now they are EVERYWHERE), but you know what? That’s okay. I am STRONGER than I ever have been – both mentally and physically. Mentally, I still fight the eating disordered thoughts, but they are so few and far between anymore because I’m ‘fixing’ my brain to eat like a ‘normal’ person (well, what’s normal for me anyway!) I wake up well rested (well, you know, when the toddler isn’t being a monster and keeping me up all hours of the night). I wake up feeling like I can conquer anything that life throws at me. For example, this morning, my toddler kept me up from 3 until 6am today. She did the same thing Thursday night as well. And Wednesday. And Tuesday. And, well, you get the picture. I could choose to let it ruin my day (and, in the moment, it feels like the day is completely ruined). I could choose to take the older kids to school, come back home and sleep while she sleeps, but, I didn’t. I chose to get up, get my day started and walked over 5 miles (with coffee in hand!). It was beautiful outside and the weather has been amazing in South Florida lately, so I took the opportunity.

I love the community I’ve been fortunate enough to hang out with lately that is part of  BeachBody. The group I am a part of on Facebook is awesome; I’ve got support, motivation, awesome new recipes, and FRIENDS there. Everyone has their own journey and story, and I love learning about other people’s struggles and successes. That’s what this lifestyle change is all about. Conquering your own struggles and telling about your amazing successes.

And, here is a progression photo. The top three photos are from September 6, 2016 (I posted them once before with a 3 week transformation on the bottom earlier in my blog) and the bottom three photos are from today, SEVEN WEEKS later! Going through this journey has been crazy, and this is just the beginning! I’ll say it again like I said previously, I cannot believe I am actually posting these photos. I am super self-conscious of my body, especially after having children. My stomach has taken a huge beating, having had preeclampsia with two of my three children (who were born 16 months apart), needing to gain weight because I was still active in my ED when I conceived Daniel and because I retained SO MUCH water with their pregnancies. I have to face the fact that my body will NEVER be the same after I had my children – it just won’t. I won’t be able to fit into my size 00’s (even though I’ve still got them in a tote in my closet – hoarder, anyone?), but that’s OKAY. I’m not going to sit here and say because I’ve lost over SEVENTEEN pounds! and many inches off my waist, bust and hips I’m magically the most confident person in the world and I don’t care about my stretch marks – nope, I still care, they still remind me sometimes of what my skin once looked like and how I envy that, BUT, I am PROUD that I’ve made healthy changes. I’m proud that I can look in the mirror and not cry. I am proud I can tell my husband or my best friend that I’m losing weight in the right way and toning correctly without feeling like I’m being scrutinized. And, having those feelings means more to me than no stretch marks. img_2215


3 Day Refresh . . .


Getting my Beach Body 3 Day Refresh program, big bag of vegan chocolate Shakeology and my 21 Day Fix program in the mail

I started hearing about BeachBody in a Facebook group I am in for mother’s that had the same due date as my youngest daughter. There was a mom in there that gave us a chance to try a free 5 day online group, to get a meal plan for that week, get motivation and encouragement, learn five new exercises for the week you can incorporate into your everyday life or add to an existing workout program. I followed, albeit loosely, for a few months, but not really thinking *I* could do it.

My husband bought me a Fitbit in March of this year, for our anniversary. I had wanted one for a while, to motivate myself to start exercising more than I had been – which, quite honestly, wasn’t very much. I have fibromyalgia, and a lot of the time, the flares hurt too much to do intense working out. I started out small, walking about two or three miles a day, with my daughter, Khloe, on my back in her Tula baby carrier. After a few weeks, I got up to four miles, and before I knew it, I was walking six, eight, even 10 miles daily – and it felt great! Living in south Florida, however, in the summer, is a bad time to do a 10 mile walk during the afternoon. So, I found another solution – finding YouTube videos to do my miles indoors, WHILE incorporating cardio and strength training. I found two channels that really worked well for my fibromyalgia, and it helped me raise up my endurance to be able to start to do harder work outs.

As I stated in my introduction, I have suffered from anorexia purge type since I was about five years old. I have been to several residential treatment centers, hospitals, inpatient therapy, outpatient therapy. I’ve seen many therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, the list goes on and on. I’ve struggled to maintain my recovery since 2007. Nearly nine years later, and I still have days where I purge. I still have days where I restrict until very late at night, because I don’t want to “mess up my clean day” with food. This is the first time I am actually admitting it, out in the open. It’s not something I am proud of. It’s not something I want to admit, but, there it is. Since I have been exercising too much, and eating way too little, at too late in the evening (nearly 10pm), I have ended up gaining weight, and not getting the results that I would assume you’d get by not eating much and exercising too much. I would wake up in the morning and weigh myself, and get so discouraged. Why was I exercising and not eating a lot, and STILL gaining weight? Why couldn’t I just eat like a “normal” person and lose weight and get fit? That’s where BeachBody and Shakeology come into play.

I knew I needed a new plan. A new way to HEALTHILY lose weight and remain where I wanted, without obsessing and feeding into my OCD tendencies when it comes to food, calories and exercise. I started out trying a sample pack of the vegan Shakeology – two packets of the tropical strawberry and two packets of chocolate. I didn’t know what to expect at first. The taste was surprisingly really delicious. To be honest, at first, I didn’t really know if I should “give in” or “believe” all of the hype about Shakeology or BeachBody in general. A lot of people think it’s a scam or a pyramid scheme. I don’t see it that way. All of the women (I haven’t met any men that do BB, but there are tons out there) I have met, are nothing but encouraging, motivating, wonderful people. They believe in their products and it’s hard not to. The results are in front of your face. When I tried the sample pack, those four days were great; I didn’t need coffee, I didn’t feel sluggish and I didn’t get a migraine from not drinking coffee. My energy level was great, and I was able to get more exercises in. The best part for me, was that I was actually eating more than once a day, and DURING the day! That was a big feat for me. I am always putting myself on the back burner, as most moms do. When you have multiple kids, a husband and a few crazy animals, you tend to get everything done for everyone else, and *if* you have time, you get some ‘you’ time. I needed to start making myself a priority. I needed to fill up my tank before constantly filling others and leaving mine empty. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, plain and simple.

**the above picture is my day 1 of the 3 Day Refresh – my Shakeology wasn’t pictured here; I drank it too quick, ha!**
I chose the 3 Day Refresh as a start to getting healthy. Essentially, it is 3 days of a Shakeology shake in the morning with fruit and water (my favorite combo so far is 1/2 a medium banana, a ton of ice, 10oz of ice cold water and the chocolate Shakeology. I blend it in my Ninja and it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake – and I’m not even a chocolate person and it’s delicious!), a fiber sweep drink in the late morning to help clean out your system, lunch is a fruit, a veggie and a Vanilla Refresh shake (I usually blend up my fruit in the shake as well, to make it a little thicker like a milkshake and I always add ice). Afternoon snack is a veggie with a healthy fat and then supper, they have a few recipes you can choose from and you also have a Vanilla Refresh shake. I don’t feel hungry or dizzy or crazy – I don’t feel like I am starving. I feel like I am rebooting my system, to start my journey to make my body healthy for the first time, EVER. The portions are exactly right, for me, where I don’t feel too full. I want to get the hunger and full cues in my life back; I honestly don’t think I have ever been able to listen to them.

**Day 2 of my 3 Day Refresh**

Above, I had my chocolate Shakeology for breakfast, my fiber sweep drink (that isn’t pictured above), a Vanilla Refresh shake with 6 strawberries blended in, 6 strawberries on the side, 1 cup of cucumbers, and 2 tablespoons of my homemade hummus (*recipe for hummus will be down below). For my afternoon snack, I satueed 2 cups of spinach with fresh chopped garlic, lemon, cracked pepper and 1tsp of EVOO. It was delicious! And for supper, I had a Vanilla Refresh shake and I used their veggie medley recipe that was pretty fantastic. Again, I didn’t feel full and didn’t feel like I was starving. I was able to eat every few hours, something I NEVER do, and it felt great!

I am on my last day of the 3 Day Refresh, and I can honestly say I woke up HUNGRY and ready to drink my Shakeo and half a banana mixed in with cold cold water and lots of ice! I was EXCITED that I felt hungry — I haven’t felt hungry in the morning for anything in YEARS. Most of that was mental, I am sure, but I’ve honestly never been a morning eater simply because I eat so late at night. I will admit, I like the feeling of being hungry, so the feeling doesn’t bother me. But now, NOW, I have a reason to eat – I AM going to get healthy and I AM going to be a healthy mother to my kids, and a healthy person in my mind, as well as my body. I woke up last week, on a Wednesday, and new, today was the day. I am DONE being sick and tired. I have a lot of people backing me up and a lot that are proud of me. That means the world to me. So, while I have people cheering me on, I am wanting to cheer on others around me, no matter what journey they’re taking. I am not here to sell this product, because if you know me, you know I am terrible at that (VS credit cards, anyone?), I am simply believing in this product, because it is helping me to believe in myself.

**Day 3 of the 3 day refresh**

So, I just completed my third and final day of the 3 day refresh. I have to say, it was quite easy to follow the meal plan. My body feels pretty amazing! I feel light, not bogged down with sluggy nastiness. I have lost a few pounds as well. I know it isn’t “real” weight per say, but, my body definitely needed a few days to detox and eat the way the 3 day refresh plan is set up. It got rid of the toxins in my body that its been holding on to for so long. I am really pleased with my results doing the 3 day refresh. I definitely recommend it to those that want to get a jump-start to their path to getting healthy.

I used the 3 day refresh because tomorrow, I start the meal plan portion of the 21 day fix. I have been doing the 21 day fix exercise program for the three days I did the 3 day refresh, so I am really anxious and excited to get started on the meal program.