UR Day Six . . .

Today marks almost a week! Today was a struggle to get up, honestly. I’ve been so tired, I feel like I could sleep for hours and hours. I’m still sleeping very soundly, but I still wake up feeling like I could use a lot more sleep. I’m hoping once phase two starts, the clean eating I’ve been doing for the past almost week helps with the tired feeling. On the FB groups I’m in, so many people are tired around these days and then their energy picks up – hoping that day comes soon!

For breakfast today I had 3c fruit (pineapple, blueberries, strawberries and honeydew melon) and 3/4c non-fat plain yogurt. My son tried it and decided he wanted to have that for breakfast tomorrow, as well, so that’s a good win. Although, he’s my fruit and veggie lover, so there really wasn’t a surprise there. After tomorrow, dairy gets cut out of my diet, so I’m glad he’ll be using up the rest of the yogurt. I really enjoy having this for breakfast – it’ll become a big staple in my breakfast rotation when the UR is done. Like I’ve said before, I’m not really a fruit person, but having to eat A LOT of fruit lately, I’m really beginning to like it. Salad, on the other hand…I am struggling to eat these huge salads every day. I’m getting it done, but boy is it hard.

For lunch, I had a full serving of zucchini cashew soup, and I AM SO GLAD I could have more than I usually get for dinners. I can’t say enough good things about this soup. If you’re vegan, or dairy free, this really should become a staple in your house. It’s creamy and delicious. Very flavorful. I add a little homemade pico to mine (about 2 tsp) and it really does the trick.  I also had a microgreen salad with pine nuts and homemade creamy garlic dressing. Tomorrow I’m having a greek salad, and that’ll probably be the end of my creamy garlic dressing, so I’ll make a new one tomorrow and let you know how good the next one I make is. Like I said previously, it’s HARD getting down all of those vegetables. But, it’s part of the process and that’s what I’m supposed to do, follow the process. And trust it.

For my snack I had vegan chocolate Shakeology with 1/4c mashed avocado again. I forgot the cinnamon, but it was still delicious. If you’re trying to cut out a bunch of sugar and still want a thick shake, avocado is definitely the way to go! One thing I miss about being on the reset is having my my full serving of Shakeology. But, it’s only for a little while 🙂 15 more days!

Dinner was somewhat difficult today. I made my Colombian style salmon on the grill with brown rice, red kidney beans and grilled zucchini. I miss having my Colombian salmon and it smelled and looked delicious! Everyone enjoyed it, and Daniel even asked for a 3rd salmon taco (he basically eats everything in a wrap). By the end of the night Ry and him were fighting over who got to take the last bite. I got through it without a hitch and for dinner tonight I’m having steamed broccoli, red kidney beans and brown rice. I’d usually have this with chicken or fish, but, I’ll be okay 😉

I started meal prepping for tomorrow and for Wednesday. Wednesday starts my phase two (week two) of the UR, so I get to do new things. I need to meal plan tonight and tomorrow and go grocery shopping tomorrow for phase two’s list. I’m planning on doing 2-3 different ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner because that seemed to make meal planning and prepping the easiest, quickest and cheapest. And those are always great qualities when you’re a busy mama!

Wednesday will be my weigh in and progress pictures, so, stay tuned!


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