UR Day Four . . .

So, day four is down! I was really curious how I’d deal with this meal plan, since the 3 day refresh is only…three days. I’m very pleased with myself that it went well!

I had a pretty crummy day yesterday. I went into Best Buy to check and see how their insurance plan (that I pay for) works. I wanted to see if I could have them send in my phone, and have a replacement sent back to me (like they said I could do). When I got there, at first he asked me if I knew there was a fee, upwards of $200 to have the phone repaired with the BB insurance. The lady that I originally bought the phone from, said NOTHING about that. She said, “you could drop it in the toilet and bring it to us, we give you a new one – that’s why you pay 7.99/mo instead of a fee”. That’s absolutely untrue. And, at any rate, because I have Apple Care, I can ONLY go to the Apple store to get my phone fixed. I was really ticked off. As we (I took my three kids with me) left, I was upset, but instead of letting it ruin my entire day (like I normally would), I didn’t. I took a breath and just dealt with it. I don’t like being lied to, especially when it comes to things like this. But, I’ll just call and cancel it and all will be done. I have to wait until Thursday to get my phone repaired and there’s really nothing I can do about it.

I was able to do my second day of the 3 week yoga retreat yesterday. I’m still really not digging yoga, and it’s really frustrating that it’s so slow, it’s boring, and it’s hard to do with 3 kids running around. Although, I think starting Monday I will be getting up with my husband again in the mornings so I can get yoga in BEFORE the kids wake up. I can’t lay down or close my eyes without someone needing something, crying for something, someone’s looking at someone funny… there are definitely no ommmm vibes going on with 3 kids. I think this will also help me eat earlier throughout the day. Because of how the UR is set up, you have to wait 30 minutes after taking your supplements to eat and then after eating, wait 2 hours to take your next set of supplements. So, it’s hard to get everything in before 9pm. I’m wanting to get it more to 7pm. So waking up and taking my supplements, do my yoga, then have my breakfast before 7:30am sounds like a better plan than what I’ve been doing.

Breakfast was 3 cups of fruit and 3/4c non-fat plain yogurt. I used 2c blueberries and 1c strawberries – and man – that’s a lot of blueberries 😀 It was super good though. I absolutely love blueberries. I could (and do, ha!) eat them every day. I’m really not a fruit person, but blueberries have my heart. With all three pregnancies I craved them and the craving just kind of stuck. And they’re in season now so I’ve been scooping them up for super cheap! I’ve noticed that blueberries for some reason, also tend to help my fibro pain, so that’s always a plus and probably why I like them so much 😉

Lunch was quinoa salad and microgreen salad. I am getting tired of quinoa, haha, so I put it on top of my microgreen salad and holy hell – that bowl had to weigh 3-4 pounds. At least it felt that way. It was really good together though, and I was able to finally eat an entire lunch, so that was good. I am happy to say, though, my next lunch is going to be something different: I’m going to do a greek salad with pine nuts and homemade creamy herb dressing and a baked sweet potato. I’m excited to try something new!

I got to take my lovely greens after lunch. They are getting better; I guess because I know what to expect now. In one of my Facebook groups, there was a lady that opened the greens packet, stuck it in her mouth and then chased with water – I’ll never be that brave, haha, but it was funny to watch. My toddler still looks at it and says, “ew mommy, you eat dirt thats not Shakeology” and it makes me crack up every time – so that helps with it, too.

I had my yummy combo of vegan chocolate Shakeology with 1 1/2tsp EVCO. I added two distilled ice cubes in it, and it was great. Although, it pretty much turned the melted EVCO into solid form again, so it looked gross again, but dang, it was still super good!

Dinner was zucchini-cashew soup and roasted root medley. I did it the same way I did on Thursday, and loved it. This soup is definitely going to be a regular in this house. And I also never thought to roast certain veggies together (that I normally wouldn’t eat together), but it really works!

I’m still sleeping really soundly, best sleep in a very long time. My fibromylagia pain is acting up more, though, so that’s a bummer. The tingling sensation in my back that feels like ants are crawling in my skin, the constant sore aching really, really sucks. But, one of the main components of my diet I needed to take out was refined sugar. That really agitates my fibromyalgia more than anything. This is all a process that takes time and results don’t happen overnight. I need to keep reminding myself of that.


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