Ultimate Reset from Beach Body

UR Day Three . . .

So, it’s day three today of the Ultimate Reset. While it’s only been a few days, I already feel myself sleeping A LOT more sound than I have in a VERY, VERY long time. I don’t wake up nearly as much, which is SO nice. I’m still pretty sore, but not as sore as I was yesterday, which is a plus. In some of the Facebook groups I am in that are about the UR, they mentioned some people having mood swings. I haven’t quite experienced that (yet), but it’s only day three. I woke up today with a lot more energy than I have been lately, which is a very nice change for sure!

Since today is day three, I am repeating meals. I decided to do the same meal plan for wed/fri/sun/tues and then a different one for thurs/sat/mon. I picked two meals from the list of breakfast, lunch and dinner so I could rotate them. This helps me stay on track because I’m so used to meal prepping when I was doing the 21 DF and CDF (both meal plan programs are essentially the same). This ALSO helps with my budget. There are A LOT of different ingredients for the UR, most of which are fruits and vegetables and that can get pricey. For the week, I went to the farmer’s market and spent $56 bucks in fruits and veggies. Not too shabby! Then, I went and picked everything else up I needed and it was about $30 bucks. I’m a busy mom to three kids, so time means EVERYTHING. I picked recipes I knew I could make ahead of time, and double or triple the batch depending on what it is. Many people complain about the grocery lists and the time consuming meal prepping and planning with the UR. It doesn’t have to be crazy and fancy. It can be simple and quick!

As I said previously, I’m rotating my meals. So, for breakfast this morning, I had 1c blueberries, 1/2c steel cut oatmeal and 1/2c non-fat plain yogurt. I decided to be a little adventurous and mixed everything together. It was SUPER tasty that way! And I usually have a hard time eating things in the morning (which is why I LOVE my Shakeology!), so mixing it all together made it seem easier to eat. And I’ve come to the conclusion, it was really good! I heated the oatmeal up for about a minute, then added the yogurt and blueberries. Yum!

I took my supplements and drank my water (I’ve been drinking a little over a gallon a day, which is pretty typical for me. It’s a LITTLE harder to drink because it’s distilled water and I can’t have ice (well, if I made distilled ice, but, I keep forgetting), and I NEED my water to be ice cold. I’m thinking for tomorrow I’ll be putting my gallon in the freezer. I’m probably also the only weirdo that thinks distilled water has an aftertaste. It tastes kind of salty to me, and I’m not too fond of it. But, it’s water and I love water and I need to drink water…so, distilled water it is!

Lunch was a repeat of Wednesday’s… quinoa salad made with avocado, liquid aminos, cucumber and tomato. And I had my huge bag of mixed veggies that I dipped into some garlic roasted hummus. This is probably my favorite lunch so far. It doesn’t have quite as much to it as the microgreen salad (THANKFULLY!), but it has just enough to where I am full afterwards and not starving for my snack. Speaking of quinoa, is there a trick to it? The only way I can make really good rice is in my rice cooker. If I try and cook it on the stove it’s dry and usually burnt. I put the quinoa on stove and added the water and let it sit afterwards for 10 minutes before fluffy with a fork. It was still pretty much just stuck on the bottom. And it’s pretty crunchy. Every single time I’ve made it it’s this way..which is why I stopped making it 😀 So, if anyone has any tips, please feel free to let me have them!

For my snack, I had my Shakeology with 1 1/2tsp EVCO. This is now my go-to Shakeo flavor until I can go back to my regular banana, 2tsp almond butter and Shakeo. This one tastes like an almond joy, 🙂 I also made distilled ice cubes, so today I’m going to put one or two in there tomorrow and see if it tastes even better. I LOVE my Shakeology cold and thick and haven’t been getting that result sans ice cubes, hopefully I’ll get that tomorrow!

Dinner was my favorite again – southwestern veggie taco! I did what I did Wednesday and just heated up my corn tortilla in the oven and made it crunchy like chips and broke it up and mixed it in my mixture. It’s way too much to fit into one shell anyway, so this was the better option, for sure.

So, day three is DOWN and I’m am ready to tackle day four tomorrow! I’m really curious to see what day 4 has in store for me. I’ve done the 3 day refresh twice and always felt amazing afterwards – 21 days of super clean eating and a detox – I know I’ll feel even better. I’ve always been a big instant gratification type person. I’m making a promise to myself that I will only weigh in weekly, on Wednesday’s, when I take my progress picture. This is a new years resolution that I made, but definitely have not been following. I need to trust this process, and trust that my body will follow suit. While I do plan (hopefully) to lose some weight during this process, I’m looking forward more to how my body feels, how I respond to certain foods, etc. This process is definitely challenging me to eat all of the food in the meals (there have been two lunches I just can’t finish – I tried – but it’s A LOT of food and A LOT of chewing) and I am up for the challenge. You definitely DO NOT (well, everyone’s different, but for me, so far) feel hungry. You don’t feel like you’re starving and depriving yourself. So far, I am pleased with the Ultimate Reset. More to come tomorrow! Stay tuned!


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