My Second 3 Day Refresh Experience . . .

Hey y’all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The holidays got a little hectic because I love to cook and I cooked for an entire army of people, and we just invited one friend over. But, I was able to send him home with a lot of leftovers, the hubs enjoyed the leftovers for lunches and the kids even enjoyed them, too! The day before Thanksgiving, we had a random power outage (while I was marinating the turkey and cooking chicken for my homemade chicken egg rolls, no less), which completely fried our modem. I never realized how much I used the Internet until that day. I couldn’t get any recipes to cook my side dishes – it was a mess – but somehow I got it done and all was well and we had an awesome Thanksgiving day. I am so thankful for my family and I am thankful that I am able to be a stay at home mom and dedicate my time to doing what I love – taking care of my family. And cooking. Lots and lots of cooking 🙂

I decided to do the 3 Day Refresh again the Monday after Thanksgiving because I felt like I had ‘fallen off the wagon’ and was making poor choices. I wasn’t staying focused, and new I needed a little something different to just ramp up my journey. I have to say, I am SO THANKFUL that I did this Refresh again. It really made me realize how crappy my choices in food (and wine, lots of wine) had been recently. It also made me realize something that I don’t think I’ve ever realized before – I MISSED FOOD. Don’t get me wrong, on the 3 Day Refresh, you get to eat yummy fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, drink your Shakeology, and 2 vanilla shakes as well. However, now that I look at food differently, it just really made me thankful that I am in a much better place than I was a few months ago. I knew I needed to do something to fix how I was feeling. And if you know me, you know once I put my mind and heart into something, I get it done and I don’t stop until it’s done the way *I* want it. It’s not wrong to be a strong-willed woman, right? 😉

I’m VERY pleased this go around with my 3 Day Refresh. I am down 5.8lbs (which, I attribute to the wine and stuffing and cheesy yummy spinach casserole), 2″ off my waist and feel so much lighter. My body feels more clean and I did this in a safe and effective way. The bloating is gone, the puffiness in my face is also gone (thanks, wine), so that’s a plus! But, overall, I mentally and physically feel in a better place. Having the 3 days to do small meal prep and figure out times to eat to make sure my metabolism stays running was definitely something I needed because TODAY, I start a new program. Core De Force. I CANNOT WAIT. It’s MMA inspired and the exercise moves look super wicked. It follows the same meal plan as the 21 Day Fix (and I am in the same caloric bracket as the 21 Day Fix) so I’m happy about that because I already have the containers, I already know which combo of foods and at which times in the day helps my body and energy and now I’ll be able to get stronger and more defined muscles. I had been at a plateau for a few weeks because I wasn’t following my meal plan correctly. I was starting to get back in the habit of, well, I don’t have time to eat XYZ, I don’t have the energy to meal plan, etc. I wasn’t making horrible food choices, I was making horrible mental choices. I was picking the easier, lazier option – and that’s not me. I’m not a lazy person and I am not a quitter. I came into this journey in September and it’s now December 1st. I will not allow myself to slump back into bad decisions and choices regarding food – I have come too far.

With that being said, I cannot wait to start CDF and get this ball rolling! I can’t wait to do my meal planning, cook new healthy meals for my family to enjoy, and start feeling the way I was back in the beginning of this whole journey! If you’re on my Facebook or Instagram, you’ll be seeing a lot of updates! So, stay tuned!!


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