Let’s talk Shakeology!

About three or four months ago I heard about this product called Shakeology. At first, I thought it was just another overrated protein drink. Or a weight loss drink. While it’s packed with protein, it is SO much more than that!

The people behind who created Shakeology call it your daily dose of dense nutrition for a reason – it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, super foods, etc. There are a lot of different flavors (cafe latte, greenberry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, vegan chocolate (my fav!!) and vegan strawberry) to choose from and all of them taste great! I tried the vegan sampler before I committed to a full bag of one flavor and I’m glad I did – I’m typically not a chocolate person (unless it’s Hershey kisses!) so I figured I would like the strawberry best. While it was super tasty, the vegan chocolate is definitely my go to. I have my shakeology with half of a banana (a fruit serving), lots of ice and 11oz of water – it’s the best ratio (for me)!! It gets thick like a milkshake and it’s nice and ice cold!

I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (chronic widespread pain for seemingly no reason) since I was 15. I am almost 29 (getting old!) and honestly, this is the first time in YEARS I don’t wake up in pain daily. I’m sure Shakeology isn’t the full credit of my lessening pain, but it sure has been helping. By drinking Shakeology daily, I am giving my body the nutrition it’s been lacking for such a long time. It gives me a lot more energy than coffee ever did and it’s just full of good stuff! I like to have my shakeology after my 21 Day Fix work outs to fuel my body.

Shakeology also doubles as a baking ingredient, too! Y’all know how I love to cook and bake and make everything 21 Day Fix approved – well, you can do that with Shakeology! From chocolate brownies to pumpkin spice milkshakes, Shakeology delivers yumminess and nutrition every time!

Ive tried many different protein drinks and I haven’t found any that taste even half way decent without the nasty grit texture. Also, nothing else on the market has as much GOOD nutrition as Shakeology does! I originally got vegan because I was still nursing my 2 year old that has a dairy allergy, but now that she is weaned, I continue to get the vegan version because plant based protein is easier to digest. I also did the 3 Day Refresh before starting the 21DF and there is no dairy or animal protein for those 3 days. It made it easier and the taste is great so if it isn’t broken – don’t fix it!

Drop me a line below if you’re interested in learning even more about Shakeology! ❤️


Me drinking my favorite shakeology recipe: vegan chocolate Shakeology with half of a banana. Exchanges: 1R | 1P


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